Using Screencastify to Share a Lesson

Individual or in Pairs

45 minutes


There are times when you will encounter the opportunity to address a concept or skill in an alternative, differentiated way, that requires direct instruction, but not whole class instruction. Studies have shown that the use of screencasts as an additional resource can improve grades.*


Screencastify is a tool that can support screencasting. It is an extension for your Chromebook found in the Chrome Web Store. Using Screencastify, you can easily record your voice, your image, and/or screen to students. They can view individually or in small groups.


For your task, think about a plan or unit that you are covering now, or in the near future, in your class. Are there topics or skills that you can think of that you could find yourself addressing with students in the form of a screencast? Use this as your topic and create a technology-based screencast.

The Supporting Steps

Use the video and how-to resources below to explore Screencastify.  As you read or watch, don't hesitate to pause and try the capabilities out for yourself!

  1. How do you create a screencast? - A basic how-to video

  2. What if I just want to take a picture of the screen, not a whole video? - A how-to video for screen capture

  3. What if the image is too big to fit in the screen? - A video on scrolling for a screen capture

Preparing Your Screencast

  1. Planning your screencast - A how-to for planning prior to recording.

  2. Identify one skill or concept you'd like to capture in your screencast.

  3. Walk through the steps once on your computer, without recording.

  4. Script key points and phrases to include.

  5. Click Record and just do it! Now you have time to create a screencast that you can integrate into a future plan or unit!

As you can see, the possibilities of screencasting can be successful for concept or skill introduction blended with activities, or as a method for presenting content. Students can even get into the action by creating their own!

Other Great Resources/Info on Screencasts

*Morris, Cecile and Chikwa, Gladson; “Screencasts: How effective are they and how do students interact with them?”; Active Learning in Higher Education, March 2014.