Using Screencasting as a Differentiation Tool

Work Individually for 20 minutes and then in a Group of 2-4 persons for 10-20 minutes. 
Plan for the entire activity to take 30-40 minutes. 


You will identify an activity for which you normally have to differentiate learning experiences for your students.  You will use Google Slides and Screencastify to create video learning activities targeted towards students with different learning styles and/or needs.  

  1. Identify an activity or concept that meets the following criteria:
    • It often needs to be differentiated in your classroom
    • It can be explained or taught on a computer using presentation software
    • it can be presented in 3 minutes or less
  1. Pick something that you approach differently for students with varying skill levels or learning styles.  
  2. The concept must be something that you can present on a computer screen so that it can be captured by Screencastify.
  3. Shorter videos work better for several reasons:
    • They are easier to create, and less work to start over in case you make a mistake
    • They hold students attention better
    • Several short videos can often explain a concept better than one long one, plus they are easier to organize, share, and repurpose
  1. Make one or more Google Slides Presentations that teach the concept (see Create a Google Slides Presentation)
    • Remember, you will be speaking during this presentation so you do not need to create everything on a slide. You can speak some material.
    • To help organize your thinking, you might want to create a script or storyboard before creating the presentation.
  1. Capture yourself presenting the slideshow with Screencastify (see Using Screencastify to Capture a Screencast).
  2. Share the finished Google Slides Presentation and the captured video file with your group members.
  1. Each group member should watch the 1st take of each video and provide feedback by commenting into the Google Slides presentation.
  2. Make adjustments to your presentation or presentation style based on feedback received.
  3. Capture take 2.  
  4. It may take several attempts to get a finished product you are happy with. But remember that this is now a completed instructional video that you can reuse many times and perhaps in many situations.
  5. Share the link to the completed video in a Google Classroom assignment, a SharePoint website, or in a Safari Montage playlist.
Now go back and revise your Google Presentation and presentation style for the needs of different students.
  • more/less images or graphics
  • more/fewer examples
  • pose questions to encourage higher order thinking
  • use simpler/more complex language
  • use an alternate approach (depending on concept)
  • faster/slower presentation
  1. Capture yourself presenting the slideshow with Screencastify.
  2. Share the finished Google Slides Presentation and the captured video file with your group members.
  3. Provide feedback.