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Progress Monitoring with Socrative

Work Individually

Plan for 25-30 minutes


Socrative is a tool that  “lets teachers engage and assess their students with educational activities on tablets, laptops and smartphones. Through the use of real time questioning, instant result aggregation and visualization, teachers can gauge the whole class’s current level of understanding". Socrative gives educators instant feedback, personalized content, and reports at the click of a button. In this activity, you will understand the basic features of Socrative and how it can be a perfect tool to gain information on all of your students.


  1. If you don’t currently have an account, please register at You can also download the app from the Chrome Webstore.

  2. In the right hand corner, select “Teacher Login".

  3. You can get a free account or you can register/sign in using Google+ google +.png.

  1. When you are logged in, it will take you to the Dashboard page.  Take a minute to distinguish the differences between the different tabs by clicking through the tabs in the left hand corner. (Note: Live results will not be an option until you start a quiz.) Dashboard.png     


In the Dashboard tab you have a number of options from which to choose:

  • Start a Quiz that you have already created or imported
  • Quick Question - you can create a true/false, multiple choice, or short answer question that you can use during a lesson
  • Space Race - brings a competitive element to giving a quiz
  • Exit Ticket - quickly assess students with three short questions at the end of the lesson
In the Manage Quizzes tab you will see the following four options:
  • Create a Quiz - create a new quiz
  • Import a Quiz - import a previously existing quiz
  • My Quizzes - where your saved content is located
  • Reports - keeps track of student assessment

5.  Time to Create! - Think of a lesson that you will teach in the next week. Are there multiple choice, true/false, or short answer questions that you would like students to answer at the end of the lesson? In the Manage Quizzes tab, select Create Quiz.

Create a Quiz.png.

6. Give your quiz a name and decide what type of question you would like your students to answer. When you begin to create the question, you will be able to add an image and also give an explanation. You can add more questions if you would like, as well. 

7. When you are finished creating the questions, make sure to click Save and Exit.png.

Directions for Students

You will notice in the center top of your screen that Socrative created a room number. The following steps are explain how your students will access the “quiz":

  • Students will choose student login in Student Login.png.

  • Students will need to enter the Room Code in order to join the class.

Join Room.png

Before our next session, use this Socrative activity in your classroom. Be sure to look through the results and reflect how you can use this information for a future lesson.


With your home group, discuss the similarities and differences between using Google Forms and Socrative as a means to collect data and help differentiate instruction in your classroom. Which do you prefer and why?