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Creating a Flyer in Lucidpress

Work Individually, in Pairs or as a Group

20- 25 mins

Overview: Lucidpress is an excellent web-based tool to create “stunning digital newsletters, flyers, brochures, photo books and more.” Lucidpress provides templates that can be altered to fit the needs of your classroom. In this activity, you will use Lucidpress to generate a flyer that you can distribute to your staff with information regarding their Chromebook training.


  1. Click the Appsand locate LucidPress. It may be on the second page of your applications.  

  2. The Lucidpress logo looks like this .

  1. If you do not have the app already loaded, go to the Chrome Webstore, search for Lucidpress, and add it. You will need to Accept the permissions for the app.

  1. Login with your Google Account by clicking the Google Icon (see below).  

Untitled image.png

  1. To create a New Document click LP Doc.png.

  2. A variety of templates will appear.  Select Flyers under Categories. LP Cat.png

  3. Choose one of the free templates by clicking on the template you like best. It may take a few moments to load. Or start with a blank page.

  4. With your group, create a flyer that you would like to send to your colleagues in regards to the training you will be providing to them at the start of next school year.  You can edit the template by double clicking on the text and editing as necessary.

  5. Think about all of the details that you would like your colleagues to be aware of before they leave for the summer.

  6. When you have finished creating the flyer, click File in the menu bar and Export to Google Drive

  7. Move the flyer from your Google Drive into your school’s Shared Folder.

  8. You should plan to print the flyer and distribute it or email it to your colleagues before the school year ends to get them excited about the Chromebook training.