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Use Google Slides for Student Collaboration

Work individually 
Plan for 30 minutes


The collaborative nature of Google Apps extends to Google Slides. Students can work collaboratively within a presentation, contributing content and commenting upon each other’s work. You will explore this capability and then plan to apply it within an upcoming student product.

  1. Open your Google Drive by clicking the Apps launcher 
     and then Google Drive .
  2. Open a new Google Slides presentation by clicking the New button  and then Google Slides.
  3. Title your presentation Test Collaboration. 
  4. Share it with each person in your home group and provide them with the ability to edit. Click here to learn how to share. (Note: choose "computer" under Share a File or Folder)
  5. Each person in the group should make a slide that contains:
    1. a powerful image related to technology that you find online
    2. the link to that image source
    3. an explanation in the Notes field as to why they selected that image
  6. When everyone has completed their slide, each person should view all slides and use the Comment feature to write a brief response to each slide.
  7. Next, consider any upcoming student work that might offer an opportunity for students to show mastery of their learning in this format. Individually, determine when in the coming month you’ll have students create a Google Slides presentation.
  8. Now consider the kinds of protocols students will need in order to work collaboratively to create their presentation. Make a list of the steps students will follow in the process and next to each note any guidelines you plan to set for your students. In so doing, you’ll set your students up for success!