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Create a Google Slides Presentation

Work individually
Plan for 30 minutes


Google Slides can be used to create multimedia presentations of content that are visually rich and engaging. In this activity, you will create a Google Slides presentation for a topic within your instructional content. Students will be able to return to view this presentation independently, at their own pace, as often as needed.

  1. Open your Google Drive by clicking the Apps Launcher
     and then Google Drive .
  2. Create a new Google Slides presentation by clicking the New button  and then Google Slides .
  3. Consider your current instructional goals for this week and next week. 
    • Select one skill or concept for which you’d like to create a presentation.
  4. To add a new slide, click Slide > New Slide in the menu or type Ctrl +M.

  1. Onto each slide, enter a phrase or two, outlining one idea you’d like to include within your presentation. See the image at the right for examples.
  2. Take a moment and consider the order in which you have placed your slides. Drag and drop the slides within the left panel to reorder them as needed.
  3. Now search for some powerful images to convey your ideas. Be sure to include all of the following:
    • an image found by searching online
    • a photo you take using your phone or other camera
    • Click here for how-to help for this step if needed.