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Creating a Data Wall Chart


20 mins


In this activity, you will create a data sheet using Google Sheets which you will then convert to either a line graph or bar graph using the chart feature of Sheets.


  1. Open a new Google Sheet.  If needed, click here for a how-to sheet to support your initial creation of this Sheet.

  2. Title the Google Sheet with the Data Wall goal for which your class is striving.

  3. Enter the heading “Month” in the first cell of the first column and “Average” in the first cell of the second column.

  1. Then type the months you wish to track, each in an individual cell, below “Month” and the class average for that month, each in an individual cell, below “Average”. Here is an example:

Class Average.png

  1. Highlight the numbers you typed in column B and click the % icon to change the numbers into percentages.

  2. Now click the Insert Chart icon Untitled image.png to automatically create a chart based on the data inserted. You can select bar graph, line graph, etc. to best fit your needs. Click insert in the bottom left corner to insert the graph into your sheet.

  1. Once on your sheet, you can leave as is or choose to save image, copy to another sheet, etc. by clicking on the down arrow.


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