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Create a Custom Map with Google Maps

Work individually
Plan for 30 minutes


By using Google Maps, you can create a map of places you've been with images. In this activity, you will create a map of your life. 

  1. Open Google Maps by clicking the Apps launcher
    and then Google Maps File:Google Maps Logo.png . 
  2. Follow the basic instructions of how to make a new map here.
  3. Select several significant events in your life to place onto your map.
  4. Select the first location to mark. Click here to learn how to pin a location to your map. (You will need to click the + next to Add places to your map to open this set of directions.

  5. When you place your pin, a window will appear. Name your location in the first field, then in the second field, add details of what happened there.  Click the camera icon  to search for and add photos to your descriptions. 
  6. Click save and go on to the next location. 
  7. Place at least four locations (markers) onto your map.
  8. When done, click on untitled map and name your map to save it.
  9. Trace the route taken between these locations. You can add lines or shapes to your map by following these directions.
  10. Measure the distance between two or more locations on your map. Use the measurement icon
     to help you do so - here's how.
Your turn

Now, think about past lessons you’ve done with your class, and how Google Maps could add a new dimension to those lessons.  Make notes into your digital or paper journal in a format like the one below, or any format you choose.
 Lesson Taught  How to Include Google Maps