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Create a Google Keep List

Work individually
Plan for 15 minutes


Google Keep allows you to create notes and lists that you can organize and check off when complete. You will create a “To-Do” list for what you would like to accomplish in the workshop.

  1. Open Google Keep by clicking the launcher icon
    and then the Google Keep icon .  You may need to click the arrow to the second page of apps. This will open Keep as a small stand alone window, which is different than the other Google Apps.

  1. OR to see Google Keep full screen, type into your omnibox (address bar).  The same features are available in both views.

  1. Click the New List icon in the Add Note Bar at the top of the page.

  1. To add a title, click Title and type the day, the date, the session number or whatever makes sense to you.

  2. Review the workshop Schedule and Activity List to identify tasks to complete.

  3. Click List item and enter each task as a separate item.

  4. Create a second note in Keep. Click Title again and type another day, date or session number.

  5. Review the workshop rubric and your Activity List. Identify tasks and goals for the workshop.

  6. Click List item and again enter each task as a separate item.

  7. You can share this note with your home group, if you wish, by hovering over the note and clicking the share icon in the toolbar that appears.  You can see this toolbar on other notes by clicking or hovering over them.

  1. Type the names of those in your group. To close the list, click Done.