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Creating a Staff Tech Survey

Note: Connect with your school team prior to beginning this activity to determine whether anyone else has already begun to create a staff survey. If they have, ask them to Share it with your account, with the ability to edit. You may choose to work collaboratively to edit an existing survey, or reference this as you work in a separate Form. The team can then combine the best of all ideas at a later time.

Work individually or with a partner  

Plan for 30 minutes


In your role as Technology Leader, you will support colleagues with a range of comfort levels with technology and prior experience. A technology survey will provide you will valuable information regarding your colleagues’ strengths, needs and interests. Responses are automatically transferred into an aligned Google Sheet, ready for future analysis!


  1. Open your Google Drive by clicking Apps

    and then Google Drive
  2. Open a new Google Form by clicking New.png and then Google Forms .

  3. Give the form a title. You should reference your school name in the title, as well as the purpose of the survey.

  4. Take a few minutes to brainstorm the kinds of information you would like to collect.  This may include:

    1. comfort level with technology overall, or with Chromebooks

    2. comfort level with specific Google Apps

    3. level of experience with any commonly used district technologies

    4. current usage of technology in the classroom by the teacher for instruction

    5. current usage of technology in the classroom by the student for practice

    6. current usage of technology in the classroom by the student for learning

  5. Create a list of survey questions for the above information. Seek to format each question for a quantifiable (not text-based) response. The simplest approach will be through a scale (i.e. 1-5, with 1 being least comfortable and 5 being most comfortable) or multiple choice question.

  6. Input your list of questions into the Google Form.

  7. Share your survey with each person on your school-based team.  

  8. Once everyone on the team has reviewed the survey, make any needed edits to reflect the team input.  

  9. Send the survey to your school colleagues with a timeframe for responses. One week is a good timeframe to offer, as it allows some flexibility, yet maintains a necessity to respond in a timely manner.

  10. As responses are submitted, they will automatically be collected into a correlated Google Sheet that is created within your Google Drive.

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