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Create a Progress Monitoring Form

Work individually or with a partner. 
Plan for 30 minutes.


Google forms are a simple, yet powerful tool to gather data from multiple sources. In the classroom, this tool can facilitate the process of progress monitoring. You will create a Google Form for your students to complete, based upon a current unit of instruction.

  1. Open your Google Drive by clicking the Apps Launcher and then Google Drive
  2. Open a new Google Form by clicking the New Button and then Google Forms .
  3. If needed, click here for a how-to sheet to support your creation of a Google Form. 
  4. Consider your current instructional goals for the week(s). Select a unit for which you’d like to gather some progress monitoring data. 
  5. On a separate page (or Google Doc), make a list of the key skills and concepts you’d like to monitor for student mastery. 
  6. Generate one or more questions for each skill or concept. 
  7. Title your form. 
  8. Create your first question. 
  9. Question title should be Name (or Last Name if you wish to sort by student's name)
  10. Question type should be Short Answer 
  11. Required question should be turned on. Making this a required question makes it easier to keep track of the information in a Google Sheet. 
  12. Click +  found on the right hand side. 
  13. Generate one or more questions for each skill or concept. 
  14. For this purpose, stick to multiple choice, list, checkboxes, or scale question types (Question Type Options). Avoid text. This will allow you to analyze the student data more clearly once it is compiled. 
  15. Input each question into the Google Form. Each question will be a separate item. You will need to click for each additional question. 
  16. When you have added all of your questions, click Send
      at the top right corner of the screen. 
  17. Enter the email addresses of the students you wish to send the form to in the pop up window. 
  1. Or copy the Link to share and post to your website. For inserting into Google Classroom, insert the form from Google Drive for student access while in Classroom. This option is easier when there are a large number who will be using the form. 
  2. Student responses will automatically be entered into a linked Google Sheet. Click responses at the top, and then the Sheet icon.