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Understanding Google Drive

Work Individually
Plan for 25 minutes


In this activity, you will explore Google Drive, comparing it to your current system of materials management whether that is digital or paper-based. 

  1. Go to Google Drive at Or access your Google Drive by clicking the launcher icon and then clicking the Google Drive icon . 
  2. Go to the Resource Table and pick up the Google Drive Reflection Sheet. 
  3. Depending on how often you have used your Google Drive there could be many files or no files stored in .
  4. Notice the different options on the left hand side-menu. Each of these will filter your view of the files in your Drive. To explore these filters, click here. Notice that the currently selected folder is in red.
  5. Click the New button  on the left of your screen and notice the different file options. 
    •  For an overview of the basic file types, click here.
6. Whenever a new document is created, it is automatically saved to your Google Drive. You will no longer need to save documents using Google Drive.

7. Take a moment and consider the similarities and differences between your current system of materials management and what you see thus far in Google Drive. 
    •  Jot down any questions that come to mind in your journal. Then go back to your Drive for the next step.
8. If you click on the Customize/Control icon 

at the top right of your screen and then Help and About, Get Help specific how to sheets and videos are available for future reference.

9. Review the notes in your journal and consider the organization you will apply to your Google Drive.  You may choose to begin creating folders based upon your current work categories, or wait until you have begun to accumulate a range of resources within your Drive.