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Create a Google Drawing

Work with your Home Group

30 mins


In this activity, you will create a symbol/logo that you can use for your PD by using Google Drawings.


  1. Go to Drive at Or you can access your Drive by clicking the launcher icon and clicking the Drive icon.
  2. One member of the group should create a new Drawing and share it with the other members of your Home Group. 
  3. Click and then select More and click Google Drawings .
  4. Name the document PD Logo
  5. Make sure that everyone can edit by clicking and entering the email address or names of the members in your group and make sure they “Can edit”.
  1. Using your IDE Journal or a new Google doc, brainstorm ideas for a logo or symbol that represent your school, but also the purpose of the workshop. For example, if your school’s mascot is a tiger, there could be an image of a tiger looking at a Chromebook.
  2. Take a minute to familiarize yourself with the toolbar. If you’re not sure where to start, click here to follow Google’s guide to using Google Drawings (create a drawing)

  1. The lines, shapes, textbox, and image features will help create a logo that not only represents your Home Group, but will energize the teachers with whom you work.
  2. Now it is time to create your logo. Use the Insert option to insert lines, arrows, scribbles, polylines, text boxes, and images. You can also click the individual buttons in the toolbar to do this. 
  3. You can find images online by doing a Google Search. Click Insert > Image. Click Search and Google search for images becomes available. 
  1. Include this logo in future documents that you make for your trainings as a header.
  2. In a Google Doc, select Insert > Header  and then insert the image from Drawings.
  3. Have one member make a copy of the journal and move to your school's folder.