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Using the EasyBib Bibliography Add-on Tool

Work Individually
20-25 mins


In this activity, you will be able to use the EasyBib Add-on in order to create a bibliography or works cited document.

  1. Go to Google Drive at or you can access your Google Drive by clicking the launcher iconand then clicking the Google Drive icon 
  2. Click the new button  and then click the Docs icon  .
  3. Rename this document Bibliography or give it a title that mentions bibliography.
  4. Think about an upcoming research activity, paper, or project that you will do with your students. There are many websites that generate a citation, but using Google Docs, students have the opportunity to generate a working bibliography in the document itself. Students can generate the bibliography or works cited by using the EasyBib Bibliography Creator Add-on.
  5. To learn more about Add-ons click the following link.
  6. After familiarizing yourself with Add-ons, click Add-ons in the toolbar and then Get add-ons.
  1. If EasyBib does not show up then use the search option and search EasyBib Bibliography Creator.
  1. Click on EasyBib, then click the blue Free button. 
  2. The following screen will prompt you to add EasyBib. (Note: You will only need to do this once). Click Accept.
  1. Now you will be able to access EasyBib. Click Add-ons > EasyBib Bibliography Creator > Manage Bibliography.
  2. On the right hand side of your document the following will appear. This will allow you to search books, Journal Articles, and websites and it will generate a list of possible results.
  1. For practice, click Book and type Nancy Sulla (IDE’s president) in the Search box. You will see a bunch of different options. 
  2. Choose “Students Taking Charge” and click Select. You will now have the option of MLA, APA, or Chicago citation style. 
  3. Click the Add to Bibliography button and a citation will be generated.
  4.  Think of two more books that you recently read and follow these same steps in order to generate a citation. EasyBib will generate a Works Cited in a few simple clicks.

Your Turn

  1. Use this how-to sheet and modify it for your classroom. (Students may need to get the EasyBib Add-on or it can be rolled out to the entire district by an IT administrator).
  2. Think about an upcoming research project where students will need to create a Works Cited page.