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How to Use the Revision History in a Google Doc

Work individually or with any colleagues from your school present at the workshop
20 minutes


Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides have a revision history pane that allows you to view at a glance all changes made to a document by each collaborator. You will explore this function within your school team’s "Home Group Synthesis" (part of the Create Your Digital Workshop Journal).

  1. For the revision history to be useful, you need a document that has been worked on over time by one or more collaboratorsOpen the shared Google Doc you created during the activity titled Create Your Digital Workshop Journal
  2. If you did not previously create such a doc, return to the workshop site and locate that activity.  Complete that activity first, then return to this one. 
  3. Open Using the Revision History in a Google Doc How-To resource in the IDEportal.
  4. Explore the edits and revisions that were made during your team’s collaborative process. Discuss ways that this function might be useful as you continue to work collaboratively.
  5. Then, consider how the revision history feature could impact the writing process in your classroom. Add these ideas to your journal.