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Complete a Worksheet Using DocHub

Complete a Worksheet Using DocHub

Work individually.

Plan for 20 minutes.


DocHub is an online PDF editor that lets you view, edit and sign PDFs and Word documents in your browser.


  1. Add the DocHub app from the Chrome Web Store, if you have not yet done so.

  1. In your , find a PDF or Word file you would like to complete or annotate. Right click and “Open With”, select DocHub.

open with.png

  1. Once your worksheet is open in DocHub, you can fill it in by making a textbox in the areas requiring an answer. Highlighting, drawing, and commenting are also available options.

text box.png
  1. When you are finished filling in the worksheet, click the three lines in the upper right corner, and choose “Download”, and then “Export to G Drive”. This will send a copy to your Google Drive. The filled-in document can now be shared or submitted through Google Classroom.

download dochub.png