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Tech Leader Planning Tool


Work individually first, then as a school-based team

35 minutes

You will use a digital version of the graphic organizer below to log your thoughts throughout each session.  As you experience our GAFE learning experiences, reflect upon how you will convey the skills and concepts to your colleagues this summer.  Keep your own notes using the categories below and bring them to the group discussion at each session.  You can keep your notes in your IDE journal or digitally in your workshop journal. As a school-based group, you will be sharing one digital copy of this graphic organizer. Continue reading below the table for directions for this activity.


These ideas & resources will be relevant to all staff, across all levels of technology comfort

Technology Novice

Colleagues who have little experience or little comfort with technology

Technology User

Colleagues who are comfortable with technology, but do not already possess GAFE skills

Technology Expert

Colleagues who use technology consistently in instruction, in innovative ways including current use of GAFE

  1. Each member of your group will need her or his notes, reflecting upon the training needs of your school using the categories from the Technology Leader Planning Tool. Individually, take 10 minutes to review your notes.  Add your thoughts to your journal.

  2. Come together as a group.  The group member with the greatest number of years of teaching experience will share first. The person with the fewest years of teaching experience will be the timekeeper.  Each person should take no more than 5 minutes to share the insights and ideas he/she took away from the day’s session to form the school-based training.

  3. Then, one member of your group will copy the doc and rename it.

  4. To copy the document, click here to open the document, go to the File menu. Select “make a copy.”

  5. Rename it as “Your School Name Tech Leader Planning Tool.”   Share with your team members and your principal. Also share with us putting in your school folder.

  6. Discuss your ideas, adding to the doc as you talk. Be sure to address all components of the graphic organizer in your planning. You will add to this document at each workshop.