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Facilitation Grid

You can use the facilitation grid to track your progress in the workshop. As you work on activities you can mark your progress in the appropriate column using an N for Novice, A for Apprentice, P for Practitioner, or E for Expert. The goal is to be a Practitioner or Expert for all columns of the grid by the end of the workshop.

For your own digital copy:
  1. Click here to open the document
  2. Go to the File menu. 
  3. Select make a copy.  
  4. Rename it with your name after the title - click on the name of the doc in the top left to change it.
  5. After you copy the doc and rename it, share it with us by clicking "share" in the upper right corner. Share it with teamlee@idecorp.com.

You will want to update your facilitation grid weekly.

Tech Leader Facilitation Grid