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Workshop Task

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The School District of Lee County

High School Tech Leaders’ Workshop Task

Throughout history, schools have served society by providing students with the skills, habits, and knowledge needed to succeed in the world. Classrooms have evolved over the years to serve society as the goals of the economy have changed. As our country shifts to a more creative economy, the skills required by students shift to greater problem-solving, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creators of content.

The School District of Lee County is embarking on an exciting innovation by putting a Chromebook in the hands of every high school student. Imagine students engaged in powerful problem-solving around subject-area content, being the “solutions” provider. Imagine them working collaboratively to synthesize information into a Google slides presentation, contributing ideas at different times, from different locations or even different classrooms! Imagine your students deciding to take an online quiz when they feel they are ready, getting immediate feedback, and setting goals based upon that feedback. Imagine them creating a piece of writing that hyperlinks to supporting ideas in related websites, video, and more. Each of these capabilities will be easily available through Google Apps for Education, opening the door to building the skills needed for the creative economy.

As a Tech Leader, you will lead your school to embrace new concepts, structures, and strategies for transforming the teaching-learning relationship. You wear three hats: Learner, Teacher, and Leader. In the coming weeks, you’ll begin your journey by

  • understanding the power of Google Apps for Education and Chromebooks for transforming classrooms,

  • exploring the Learner-Active, Technology-Infused Classroom model to increase student engagement, academic rigor, and student responsibility for learning, and

  • serving as a leader of your colleagues and school community in the 1:1 Chromebook initiative, working to lead the shift in instruction

Your task is to develop a personal plan for being a learner, teacher, and leader in these areas, taking deliberate and purposeful actions toward transforming high schools in Lee County.