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Overview of Sessions

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Each of our workshop sessions is built around a theme and essential question for instructional technology infusion.  Further information and a schedule for each session is available at leecounty.idecorp.com.

Session 1: January 26 & 27

Transforming Technology Mindsets

How can you best use technology in a transformative way?

As students (and teachers) approach technology in the classroom, there are a number of 'mindsets' that will begin to shift.  The transformational power of a 1:1 initiative lies not in the technology itself, but in the impact it makes upon learning.  We will introduce a focus upon instructional mindsets that will drive your lesson-level application in the coming weeks.

Session 2: February 16 & 17

Transformative Technology

How has technology transformed instruction?

Technology has the capability to transform instruction.  Beyond applications that make familiar tasks more efficient, technology has the potential to create learning experiences that were not possible without technology.

Session 3: February 23 & 24

Collaborative Mindset

In what innovative ways can students and teachers now collaborate?

Google Apps for Education enables collaboration in the digital environment like never before!  Students can collaborate in writing, data analysis, presentation of ideas, and more.  Students and teachers can collaborate as well, embedding teacher feedback within the students' work process.

Session 4: March 8 & 9

Monitoring Mindset

How does technology allow you to easily monitor your students’ and colleagues progress?

Technology can enhance the teacher's ability to keep track of each student's learning gains.  Providing students with just-in-time progress monitoring, both students and teacher can be more attuned to the successes achieved and supports that are needed.  

Session 5: March 22 & 23

Inclusive Mindset

How does technology allow you to differentiate for varying levels of learners?

Meeting the needs of different learners is an essential component of teaching.  Technology can support this need, allowing for clear organization and access to leveled resources and activities.  The multimedia, hyperlinking nature of the web lends itself to learners of all types, from visual to auditory or kinesthetic, and naturally provides endless extensions to challenge even the most advanced student.

Session 6: April 5 & 6

Novelity Mindset

How can you take technology to new levels?

Use of technology allows you to do new and exciting things you’ve never done before. What “out of the box ways” can you develop to use new and familiar technology allowing for deeper learning and engagement from your students and colleagues?

Session 7: April 19 & 20

Reflective Growth Mindset

How can you continue to grow as a learner and leader?

After six sessions, you are now familiar with the Google Apps for Education and you have developed training for your colleagues. Yet, you can’t stop here! We will reflect on all you have done and preview what you will do during the summer workshop.

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