A Glimpse Into the Future

Work with your school group

20 mins


In this activity, you will apply what you have learned into a fun and creative activity that explores the themes and applications we have covered during the workshop.


Step 1

 Consider, as a group, the following question:

"What will middle school classrooms here in Lee County look like in 5 years?"

Step 2

Answer the question using any of the tools you learned during the workshop.

You can:
    • Create a Google Slides presentation
    • Collect images using Google Search and share them in a Doc or Slides
    • Create a chart in Google Sheets and insert into a Slides Presentation
    • Create a screen cast In Snagit
    • Write a description in Google Docs
    • Make a Venn diagram or other graphic organizer to reflect your ideas in LucidChart
    • Create a table in Docs
    • Use a Google sheet to display comparative data
    • Make a screencast of the Slide presentation you created
    • Create a digital collage in Google Drawing
    • Make a flowchart in LucidChart and include in your Slides presentation
    • Create a custom map showing how classrooms are connected
    • Include a screenshot of a Socrative discussion
Or any combination you can think of!

Step 3

Share your work with everyone else in the workshop:

1) Make sure your permissions allow everyone to View. 

2) Edit this sharing document
and include:
    • your name(s)
    • a short, one sentence description
    • a link to your work.