Session 6 Drawing Sharing Directions

Work with your Subject Area Group

10 mins


In this activity, you will reflect on today's session by using Google Drawings and the skills you learned earlier in the session.


  1. Open the shared Google Drawing document for your subject area group by clicking the links below:
  1. Answer this question: 
“What is the one thing you would like to get from Session 7?”
  1. Use any of the Drawing tools available to share. Create connections between related ideas (colors, arrows, position, etc.)
  2. Resize the document to make it larger if you need:
    • Go to File > Page Setup
    • Select Custom
    • Enter a new document size and click OK
    • Go to View > Zoom out to make the document take up less space on the screen.
    • Then click and drag the lower right corner of the canvas to resize it.  

  1. Create a text box. Click on the Text Box tool to create an area for your comments.
  2. Click and drag the mouse to create a text box of the size you desire.
  3. Type into the text area you just created.
  4. Use the Font and Font Style (color, size, style) controls to customize.

  1. Have a connecting idea? Graphically represent that relationship using the drawing tools.
  2. Use the line tool to create an arrow or connector.
  3. Use images to add impact. Go to Insert > Image