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Session 6: Engagement Mindset

May 26th and 27th



Learning Activity


Individual Reflection and Self Assessment

Opening Activities - complete the following in any order:

  1. Update your Facilitation Grid.

  2. Move new activities that you would like to share into your Shared Team Folder.

  3. Required - Complete the Team Training Tracker (one per school)

  4. Review last week’s Closing Padlet Feedback to become familiar with how Padlet can be used. Click here for link

  5. Sign up for Breakout Sessions of individual interest/need to you

  6. Complete the required activities from sessions 1 - 5.  Did you:

  1. Start your required activities for Session 6

5:00 LanSchool Benchmark Lesson: Introduction to LanSchool



Subject Area Collaboration: Discuss the results of your 9 Box Grid Activity

5:30 Whole Group Sharing Each  school group identify a recent success to share in a whole group discussion.


Transformative Theme

Benchmark Lesson: Engagement Mindset

6:00 - 7:30

You will have 90 minutes to complete the required and optional activities. During this time, you can attend a breakout session. If there are activities you have not yet completed or others you wish to explore, you may work on them. You may choose to work with anyone you wish. Consider teaming up with teachers in your content area from other schools to share ideas.  Be sure to refer to your rubric as you work, and update your facilitation grid as you gain comfort and mastery with the apps.

LanSchool and Vernier Science Probes are also available to explore. Note that we will have a whole-group checkpoint meeting at 6:45.

The following are Required Activities. Complete them in any order.

App Infusion -

Google Drawings



  • Google Drawings- Drawings is a simple and easy to use drawing application. Students can use Drawings to create graphical documents that can stand on their own or be inserted into Doc, Sheets, Slides or other apps. Choose the activity that is of most interest to you and at your ability level.

Complete the following if you did not already do so in an earlier session:

  • Lucidpress Flyer - Lucidpress provides templates that can be altered to fit the needs of your classroom. In this activity, you will use Lucidpress to generate a flyer that you can distribute to your staff with information regarding their training. Please put in your shared Team Folder.

The following are Optional Activities. Engage with the following activities to extend your learning based upon your interest, need, and time available. Choose as many as you wish to complete in any order.

App Infusion -

Sheets, Classroom, Drive

6:45 Whole Group Checkpoint Check on your progress and update your Facilitation Grid using the rubric.



Subject Area Discussions on Engagement



Required Drawing Activity -- Use the Google Drawing app collaboratively by subject area. Follow these directions. 

Answer this question: 

“What is the one thing you would like to get from Session 7?”