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Session 5: Inclusion Mindset

May 19th and 20th



Learning Activity


Individual Reflection and Self Assessment

Opening Activities - complete the following in any order

Update Your Team Folder:

  1. Update your Facilitation Grid

  2. Move all new activities created into the Team Folder

  3. Reflection on A Look Into Ms. Ammar’s 7th Grade Math Class” . Read the example of an inclusive Google classroom. Directions and Reflection Sheet are found here.

  4. Sign up for Breakout Sessions of individual interest/need to you

  5. Complete any required activities from sessions 1 - 4 and move into the shared team folder.  Did you:


Collaborative Planning

With your team, Analyze Your Staff Tech Survey that you administered to your staff. Discuss the results and adjust your Tech Leader Planning Tool as needed, paying close attention to any differentiation you may need to include based on survey results. Be prepared to share an idea you are using to differentiate the training for your staff.


Transformative Theme

Benchmark Lesson: Inclusive Mindset


Lesson Planning

Differentiating Lesson (9 box grid). You will take an upcoming concept in your classroom and brainstorm ways in which technology can help you differentiate to meet the needs of the various levels and learning styles of your students.

6:00 - 7:30

The following are “choice” activities. You must complete one of each to ensure that you have worked with the app, but you may choose how to engage with the app.  Select one activity from each section to achieve the Outcome.  Note that you will have 90 minutes to complete these, and the other required activities. You can choose to work with anyone you wish. Consider teaming up with teachers in your content area from other schools to share ideas.  Be sure to refer to your rubric as you work, and update your facilitation grid as you gain comfort and mastery with the apps.

App Infusion -


(Choose one activity.)

  • Attend a Breakout Session:  Lucidchart -  7:15 (sign up here) You will learn how to use Lucidchart to make Venn Diagrams and other graphic organizers.


  • Lucidchart Activity Lucidcharts is an excellent tool to create diagrams, flowcharts, and maps in an efficient and collaborative way. Lucidcharts provides templates that can be altered to fit the needs of your classroom.

App Infusion -

Google Maps

(Choose one activity.)

  • Google Maps Activity - Choose an activity for this GAFE that is at your readiness level; Basic - Take a Virtual Field Trip (Take a trip to the Freedom Tower) or Advanced - Create a Custom Map (Create a map of places you've been with images).


  • Google Maps Activity Screencast - Choose an activity for this GAFE that is at your readiness level; Basic - Use Street View or Advanced - Create a Custom Map.

The following are Required Activities. Complete them in any order.

App Infusion -


  • Complete the 9 Box Grid Activity and put in your shared folder. Use in your classroom over the next week and be prepared to share how it went at the next session.

Complete the following if you did not already do so in an earlier session:

  • Creating A Data Wall Chart - Create a data sheet using Google Sheets which you will then convert to either a line graph or bar graph using the chart feature of Sheets.

The following are Optional Activities. Engage with the following activities to extend your learning based upon your interest, need, and time available. Choose as many as you wish to complete in any order.

App Infusion -


  • Attend a Breakout Session: Hyperlinking - 6:05 (sign up here) Using hyperlinks can be an excellent tool for students to efficiently connect to other websites and explore web-based resources.

  • Attend a Breakout Session: Chromebook Accessibility Features - 6:45 (sign up here) Explore some of the different accessibility features available on the Chromebook.

  • Lucidpress Flyer - Lucidpress provides templates that can be altered to fit the needs of your classroom. In this activity, you will use Lucidpress to generate a flyer that you can distribute to your staff with information regarding their training.



Subject Area Collaboration: Placemat Activity - Within your subject area, break into groups of three or four. Ask questions, give feedback, and take notes on new ideas to start incorporating.


Padlet - Use Padlet to share optional feedback. Sign in using your Google account.  Click here for link