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Session 4: Monitoring Mindset

May 5th and 6th



Learning Activity


Individual Reflection and Self Assessment

Opening Activities - complete the following in any order

  • Update your Facilitation Grid (required)

  • Sign up for Breakout Sessions of individual interest/need to you

  • Review Responses from last week’s Sharing Reflection to gather ideas for your own instruction:

                 ELA    Math  Social Studies  Science  Administrators  Other


Transformative Themes

Benchmark Lesson: “Embracing Change”


Collaborative Planning

Tech Leader Planning Time among schools:

  1. Meet with Tech Leader teams from 2-3 other middle schools to share your plans and ideas for leading your colleagues so far.

  2. Then, add to your planning document any new ideas you gain from each other.

  3. Finally, make a plan for sharing with your principal what initial next steps you want to put in place to support colleagues before the end of this school year.


Create and Update Your Team Folder:

  1. Create a folder for with your Full School Name

  2. Share it with everyone on your tech leader team, with your principal, and with us: teamlee@idecorp.com.

6:00 to 6:45


7:00 to


The following are “choice” activities. You must complete one of each to ensure that you have worked with the app, but you may choose how to engage with the app.  Select one activity from each section to achieve the Outcome.  You will have 90 minutes to complete these activities and can work with anyone you wish. Consider teaming up with others in your content area to share ideas.  Be sure to refer to your rubric and update your facilitation grid as you gain comfort and mastery with the apps. As you work, consider what NEW learning you will implement and share at our next session.

App Infusion - Google Keep

(Choose one activity.)

  • Attend a Breakout Session (6:20)  on setting up a Google Keep note.  (sign up here)


  • Create a Google Keep List using the activity from the GAFE apps page.  You will create a to-do list for tonight’s workshop OR for something you want to keep track of in your classroom.

App Infusion - Socrative

(Choose one activity.)


  • Attend a Breakout Session (7:30) on using Socrative for collecting and monitoring student responses.  (sign up here)

The following are required activities. Complete them in any order.

App Infusion -

Sheets and Forms*

  • Creating a Staff Tech Survey - A technology survey will provide you with valuable information regarding your colleagues’ strengths, needs and interests. Responses are automatically transferred into an aligned Google Sheet, ready for future analysis. Please administer before Session 5.

Complete the following if you did not already do so in an earlier session:

The following are Optional Activities. These activities will allow you to extend your learning based upon your interest, need, and time. Choose as many as you wish to complete in any order.

App Infusion -







Transformative Themes

Benchmark Lesson - “Progress Monitoring”


Individual Reflection

Closing Reflection (required) - Briefly explain a transformative idea you will be doing in your classroom that you will share next session.

Optional Feedback - This is an opportunity for you to share your ideas on GAFEs you would like more information about, additional breakout sessions you would like to see, or anything else you wish to share with us.