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Session 2: Transforming Tech Mindsets

April 21st and 22nd



10 min

Opening Reflection

20 min

Review the activities from Session 1 and choose one to continue with before our whole-group benchmark meeting.


Benchmark Lesson: Beyond the $300 Pencil

Introduction to Your Facilitation Grid for Monitoring Your Own Progress

40 min

Complete the following GAFE Learning Activities in the order of your choice.

Required by the end of Session 2 tonight (complete those you did not do in Session 1)

Optional - Next Steps

  • Go to the Workshop Google Site and select one of the Apps from the GAFE Resources tab.  Move on to complete one of the other activities available there, at a level of challenge that is comfortable for you.

  • Understanding Google Drive

  • Create a Data Wall Chart (for those just getting started with Google Sheets)


Benchmark Lesson: Heads in the Cloud

45 min

Continue with GAFE Learning Activities (see above)


Explore the following activities for SAFARI Montage, a media resource available in your district (log in to the IDEportal to access these how-to sheets):


Benchmark Lesson: Technology Infusion  (reference the IDEportal resource linked here)

35 min

Tech Leader Planning Time

10 mins

Closing Reflection