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Session 1: Transformative Technology

April 7th and 8th

 Time  Activity
4:30 - 4:40 Opening Reflection
  Opening Benchmark Lesson: Transforming Technology Mindsets 
  Introducing Your Chromebook

Choose One

Chromebook Exploration: If you are somewhat comfortable with technology and you are a more independent learner, click the link to choose this option (You can always join Chromebook “Boot Camp” at any time). Once you are finished, please use your remaining time to complete one or more of the Optional Activities below.


Chromebook “Boot Camp”: Go to the Group Instruction Area for guided instruction on basic functions of the Chromebook such as Power On/Off, Signing In, Wifi Connection, Google Chrome, Apps, Status Bar, Settings, Volume, Sign Out, etc.  No question is too basic! Join at any time for a more guided approach.


Tech Leader Lens: If you are already very comfortable with your Chromebook, you can shift your lens toward the ways in which you will introduce your colleagues to this technology and its basic functions.  You will work through the Chromebook Exploration, making notes as to different responses your colleagues may have to the steps in this process.  You should begin to consider how you would adapt an activity like this to fit for your own school-based training.

 Optional Activities:
Watch any of the following videos created by Google for additional information about the potential for Chromebooks in the classroom.
 Benchmark Lesson: Your Differentiated Workshop

Benchmark Activity: Review Workshop Task and Rubric 
  Benchmark Lesson: Welcome to Google Apps for Education (GAFE)

Complete the following Activities in the Order of your Choice

Required on Day 1

  • Complete the Day 1 Survey (Please complete before moving on to other activities.)

  • View the district security slideshow. Select "Present" in the upper right corner of the slide show page and click your mousepad or the down arrow to advance through these slides designed by the district to offer you information about security as related to the Chromebooks.

  • Create Your Workshop Journal in Google Drive

  • Comic Relief! - Take a break and watch this brief video as you reflect upon your own learning process with technology.  (Note: there are subtitles)

Required by the end of Day 2 (Complete 1-2 more on Day 1)


  Benchmark Lesson: Workshop Progress Monitoring
 7:50 - 8:00 Closing Reflection